Canadians The Essentials-Maintain a friendly but polite attitude. In general terms.

  1. Make sure you are well informed and knowledgeable about the details of your proposals. Thoroughness is valued, evasive answers are not. Expect a polite, but probing debate.
  2. Be careful to avoid inflated statements about your company or your products. Discussion and demeanor in meetings should be calm and measured.
  3. Be aware that Canadians are tolerant and reasonable and will expect and admire these attributes in others.
  4. Avoid making any statement that conveys the idea that Canadians are just like Americans, as this is likely to cause a strong reaction.
  5. Always be approachable and accessible, and do what you say you do.
  6. Always be punctual for meetings. Canadians are pragmatic and do not like to waste time unnecessarily.
  7. Make sure to translate your business materials into French in French-speaking areas.
  8. Show great respect for diversity. Canada is one of the world’s most multicultural countries.
  9. Recognize that a person’s authority in Canada is related to his or her position and responsibility, not name, social status, class, or gender.

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