Business Cards

Australians are known to exchange business cards in their first business meetings. There is no such thing as an appropriate time and place for such an event. This is a casual activity in the business world and therefore one should not be offended if their business card is not treated with due respect.

Body language

Although frank in nature, Australians generally avoid making physical demonstrations of friendship in public. Owing to the deeply rooted ideas of machismo among men, they do not express emotions towards each other in public. Similarly, women displaying affections towards other men in public is also scorned upon. It is important to make an eye contact while the speakers speak to each other. It shows confidence and honesty in the speaker.

Communication Style

Australians are known for their directness and openness in speech. However, they indulge in minimum small talks and get to business right away. They are known to use a lot of irony in their statements, and though it might be a little for others to grasp, it should not be considered offensive.

Business gifts

Exchanging gifts in the business world is not generally the norm in the Australian society. However, Australians do not fall short of appreciating gifts that have a particular significance of their culture, like a kerchief or something else. One may choose to arrive at parties with flowers and wine. However, the custom of giving gifts rests on the hosts of the party one attends to.

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