Australian Lifestyle

On one hand, where the health facilities are the responsibility of the States, the Federal Government administers the Medicare insurance scheme. It was introduced in 1984. There are 2.5 doctors and 8.5 hospital beds per 1000 people. The whole population has access to improved drinking water sources and sanitation facilities.

When it comes to sports, football (from a variety of forms like Australian Rules to Rugby, rugby league and soccer), cricket, golf, netball, hockey and many other sports are all popular.

Beaches are one of the most favorite places to relax and hangout. Board riding and diving are some of the popular activities. However, an increased exposure to the sun can lead to various diseases like skin cancer and hence the use of sunscreen should not be underestimated. Along with all this, the Australians also have a penchant for films and the theatre.


Socializing is an essential part of life and Australians are known for their enthusiastic consumption of alcohol at social gatherings. It may exceed the usual intake and hence people should not try to keep up with their hosts if they are not comfortable.

Australians are usually keen to entertain their visitors and therefore activities like taking a cruise to the Sydney Harbor and to local beaches could be an often opted option.  Australians like to live in extravagant houses and lead an affluent lifestyle.

Foreign travel is not a far-fetched dream for young Australians. And trips to Asia, North and South America and Europe is a favorite destination for tourism or academics, s0ome even decide to settle abroad

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