The American Mindset

A world power, America is celebrated for its ideas of freedom and independence. The American Dream is known for making it ‘big’ in a challenging world. Americans are future oriented and are focused in achieving their goals.

America is known as the land of opportunity. People from diverse backgrounds who choose to move to America are ambitious and want to achieve big dreams. Coming from rich and diverse culture, Americans are known to be patriotic in nature.

Characteristics of Society

America is the land of the self-made. It is a place where people can give full reins to their dreams. Americans are a bunch of liberals whose lives are not dictated by race, color and creed. However, this has not been the case always. America had its War of Independence that promoted the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity. The racial, social and economic inequalities have reduced now than what it was before. Americans are known to live a time saving life. They employ methods to make their busy lives a little more convenient. America is not only a culturally diverse place but also a wonder to the eyes.

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