Part 1: PTE Speaking Tips and Writing Tips

PTE Speaking Tips – In Part 1 of PTE Academic Exam, you will be evaluated on your speaking and writing skills. The time duration to this section is 77-93 minutes. In PTE Speaking, your skills will be checked on the basis of the speaking tasks given in this section.

The PTE writing section will require you to write responses in English using correct grammar, tenses and good vocabulary. There are different tasks in PTE Speaking and Writing in which a candidate has to attempt all the tasks for scoring an appropriate score in the test.

Question Type Task  Description Number of Questions Time allocated (77-93)minutes
Personal Introduction In PTE Speaking Task 1, the personal introduction is an opportunity for a candidate to give, selected institutions some information about yourself. You specifically will have 25 seconds to read the prompt and prepare your response, and then 30 seconds to record your response. This will not be scored   30 seconds
Read aloud In PTE Speaking task 2, a text appears on screen that is to be read aloud. (6-7) 40 seconds
      15 seconds
Repeat sentence In PTE Speaking task 3, after listening to a recording of a sentence, replicate the sentence. (10-12)  
Describe  image


Re-tell lecture

An image appears on screen (bar graph, line graph, map, table, pie chart or process). Describe the image in appropriate details in PTE Speaking task4


After listening to a  lecture,re-tell the lecture in your own words in PTE Speaking task 5

(6-7) 40 seconds


40 seconds

Answer  Short Questions In PTE Writing task 1, after listening to a question, answer with a single or a few words. (10-12)   10 seconds
Summarize written  text After reading a text, write a one-sentence summary of the provided passage in PTE Writing task 2 (2-3) 20-30 minutes
Write essay In PTE Writing task 3, a 200–300 word essay is to be written essay on a given prompt (1-2)    20-40 minutes

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