The Canadian Mindset

Canadians are a friendly bunch and open with a practical mindset. It befits people who inhabit one of the largest and in many places one of the most physically challenging countries on earth. They are traditional in their thinking and habits, modest and low key in attitude but enjoy a good sense of humor. They pride themselves on being honest and direct. Canadians are not given to prevarication or displays of rhetoric or emotion. With one of the most multicultural societies in the world, Canadians are tolerant and egalitarian in outlook. Despite their innate conservatism, they are also very progressive on some controversial social issues. Although they enjoy the trappings of success, Canadians are not ostentatious by nature.

Canadians are sensitive about being taken for Americans. They enjoy a warm relationship with their neighbor, with whom they share a vast boundary and vigorous trade links. However, they are proud of the differences between the two countries and their peoples. They are often more subdued and measured as compared to Americans.

  1. Other factors about Canada to keep in mind are:
  2. International Efforts:
  3. Canadians are a peace-loving people and have generously committed personnel to serve with UN peacekeeping forces worldwide. A love of sports is endemic. Though Canadians are hardworking and their leisure time is greatly valued, it is kept quite separate from the workplace.


  1. The majority of Canada is English-speaking although in the eastern part of the country, French is widespread and the region of Quebec at times threatens to secede from the confederation. A new awareness has arisen in recent years of the rights and traditions of the Aboriginal people and the discrimination and disadvantages they have suffered.

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