Planning a meeting

Business meetings should be well planned and organized. Business meetings in Australia do not have participation of big delegations like in many other countries like Japan. Therefore one has nothing to be anxious about. They can take the help of their junior associates, colleagues, or even seniors who too are very approachable.

During the meeting

Although the exchange of pleasantries can be a good start to a business meeting, but one should get to business without much delay.

Australians appreciate concise and comprehensive presentations that do not involve any showy and artificial mannerisms.

The use of mobile phones should be kept to a minimum during a business meeting. Although the Australians are very casual in approach, one should not get carried away by their casualness. One should remember that they are still being assessed.

Debates and confrontations are a part of negotiating in a business meeting. One should not be taken aback if it takes an aggressive turn.

After a meeting

It is important to sum the meeting in a few words before you wrap up your presentation. Don’t be needy and hang around your hirers till a decision is reached.

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