Working with the Canadians-Be prepared to encounter objective, unemotional thinkers and people who are calm and tolerant but who are competitive and who believe in achievement gained through merit. A well-informed people, Canadians are open to reasonable dialogue and will not be afraid to engage in spirited arguments as to the relative merits of a subject and will not respond well to what they believe is undue `hype’. Little attention is paid to feelings or exaggerated or overblown behavior or expansive gestures, although French Canadians may be more excitable or volatile than their English-speaking countrymen.

Canadians are known as being low-key, honest and modest and pride themselves on being more understated and more measured than their neighbors in the United States. They are methodical in their habits, moderate and conservative in their views. Proud of their multicultural heritage, they are egalitarian in their approach and beliefs. Although they enjoy the rewards of success, they are usually not pretentious and ostentatious displays of wealth are not admired.

Canadians are well-informed about international affairs and will expect visitors to have some knowledge of their country – its physical characteristics, history and politics. They do not appreciate being mistaken for Americans.

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