Lifestyle & Aspiration-Canada has one of the most highly educated societies in the world with a very high level of tertiary education. Canadians enjoy affluent living standards and the country ranks sixth in the world in standard of living measured according to gross domestic profit per capita, and is rated higher in this list when measured along with other factors like life expectancy and education which contribute to the quality of life. Basic health care (except for dental care) is free. Canada has a broad social security network, which includes old age pensions, a family allowance, unemployment insurance, and welfare.

Canadians households are well-stocked with the latest electronic equipment and other luxuries familiar in Western economies. Standards of living are, however, more modest than in the United States due to lower incomes and high rates of taxation. Many Canadians leave Canada to work in the United States to seek greater earnings and career advancement. Canadians work fewer weeks per annum than Americans. Outdoor pursuits are popular on weekends and on holidays. Many children spend some weeks a year of their summer break in camp.

Despite the national love of sports and the great outdoors, obesity is a serious health issue in Canada.

Canadian Sports

Canadians are great sports fans. The most famed national game is hockey (called simply hockey, not ice hockey) which is played with gusto. From September to June the nation is transfixed by the sport and the Canadian team regularly win medals at the Olympics. Lacrosse is also a national passion. Other sports include a Canadian version of American football, curling, skiing, cycling, hiking, and fishing.

The Canadian Aboriginal populations, like many elsewhere, suffered centuries of mistreatment which has been addressed in more recent times through legislation. However, many Aboriginal people are still disadvantaged in comparison to other Canadians. Large numbers have fled to the cities and live in underprivileged conditions. Suicide rates are higher than average in this group and their life expectancy is lower.

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