The Australian Mindset

Australians are an outgoing and friendly bunch, and despite their apparently casual manner of life, they are energetic and practical too. They can also be straight-forward, a little harsh and outspoken. Although they can be considered conservative and traditional when it comes to family and friendships, Australians are progressive and creative in the business they take up.

Australians are proud of their country’s legacy as a progressive society which has built itself in a short period of time. They are defensive of their nation when it comes under any criticism. However, they are not averse to friendly bantering. They are hardworking and also value their leisure time.

The contemporary Australian society is a cultural hybrid with its early Anglo-Irish settlers, and the eventual inflow of immigrants, first from Continental Europe after the Second World War, and then from Asia and the Far East. With a legal separation from the United Kingdom has contributed in generating a greater sense of identity among the Australians.


Australia as a nation is often associated with certain atypical features. Their national obsession with sport is the foremost among them. Certain stereotypes are also in practice such as the notion of `mate ship’, though difficult, is still quite sentimental. Until recently, the idea of machismo among men had prevented women to enjoy equal status in society. However, Australia’s most recent recognition of the culture of the Aboriginals is quite a commendable move.

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