Good Impression

Being direct in approach is the key to settle things with Australians. It is important to have a goodwill of character among your business associates so that they vest trust and confidence in you. Being pompous and showy is not their attitude. They appreciate directness above pretense. Being confident, self-assured and commanding will help in generating respect. However, one should not be a despot and be a good listener who takes different ideas into consideration.

Although often considered as cynical, Australians are also known to be empathetic to people they think to be their equal.

To mingle in the Australian community, one should be more accepting towards the community in general. They should try to take a keen interest in learning about the Australian history, the beauty of its landscape and get more acquainted with the local conditions and issues. This will help them to receive a warm welcome in the Australian community. However, any kind of racism and prejudices should be kept at bay.

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