Part 3: PTE Listening Tips

PTE Listening Tips includes the questions based on audio or video clips which you need to listen carefully as it is played only once. You will have to answer these questions after listening to the recording.

You will have to attempt listening practice test for knowing the format of the Listening tasks given in the exam. This will help you to score well in the tasks like Summarize Spoken text, Multiple Choice questions, Fill in the blanks and highlight correct summary.

Also, classes at ABE will help you practice PTE listening sample test under the guidance of certified trainers who will assess your performance based on the PTE listening tasks attempted.

Task type
                     Task Description Time allowed
Section 1 Summarize spoken text In PTE listening task 1, after listening to a recording, write a summary of 50-70 words 20-30 minutes
Section 2


Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6

Section 7

Multiple-choice, choose single answer


Fill in the Blanks

Highlight the summary

Multiple Choice,Single Answer

Highlight the Correct Answer

Write Dictation

In PTE listening task 2,after listening to a recording, answer a multiple-choice question on the content of the recording by selecting more than one response.


In PTE listening task 3, the transcription of a recording appears on screen with several blank.While listening to the recording, type the missing words into the blanks

After listening to a recording, select the paragraph that best summarizes the recording.

After listening to a recording, select the missing word or group of words that completes the recording

The transcription of a recording appears on screen. While listening to the recording, identify the words in the transcription that differ from what is said.

After listening to a recording of a sentence, type the sentence

23-28 minutes

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