IELTS Listening test has four sections in which you will have to listen to different types of recording where conversation is there between people and monologue based on some academic and general topic.

In IELTS listening tasks, the recordings are played once only, therefore you need to listen it attentively as they are of different accents of the natives of foreign countries

The IELTS Listening test assesses how well you :

Understand the main ideas and Specific factual information in IELTS Listening tasks

Recognize the opinions, attitude and purpose of the speaker while attempting IELTS listening test

Follow the development of an argument throughout the IELTS listening test.

An extra 10 minutes to transfer your answer to your answer sheet.

Question types:?

Multiple choice question label a plan /map/diagram complete a flowchart /table

( Give short answers,  fill in a form )

You will be listening for purpose and might hear a variety of accents such as Australian, British, New Zealand or North American.

The Passage that you hear will increase in difficulty as you go through the IELTS Listening test.

The content of the IELTS Listening test is the same for both

versions-IELTS Academic Listening and IELTS General Listening.

ELTS listening test will have four sections.

In IELTS Listening task 1, you will listen to a conversation between two people set in an everyday social situation.

You will have to listen to a monologue set in an everyday Social Situation in IELTS listening task 2

You will listen to a conversation amongst three to four people set in an education or targeting context in IELTS listening task 3

You will have to listen to a monologue on an academic subject in IELTS listening task 4

The Procedure for every section :

Listen to the instructions and a sample question before beginning with the IELTS listening tasks.

Read the questions carefully while attempting IELTS listening test

Listen to the IELTS listening tasks. (Each Section is played only once).

Answer the questions.

IELTS Listening Practice is necessary for achieving good score in the exam, You should attempt IELTS listening sample tests to understand the pattern and format of the exam.

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